Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lost the Plot

Can you believe I started the blog months ago - then promptly forgot where is was!! What an idiot! Anyway, sorted now, for a while - until I forget again! Is it an age thing? Being forgetful has become a way of life for me these days. People say things like "Maybe you have too much to remember" but I don't think I have, but is that only because I've forgotten half of it?

I just joined up for a swap on Ravelry which looks like fun. Everyone in the group knits or crochets a 12" square every month and sends it to another group member. So you get 12 squares and make them into your swap afghan.

My other crochet project on the go also has a "square" theme as I've subscribed to The Art of Crochet, a weekly parts type magazine, where again you get a wee ball of yarn and a pattern to crochet a square. I used to hate trying to sew squares or motifs together as I was never happy with the result, but I'm better at it now.

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